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Review Katja - Ljubljana- Slovenija

The experience with Stan and the cranio therapy is beyond excellence, beyond words and anything else that I've previously experienced in my life, both on physical and emotional level. Before I met him, and got to know the holistic approach of healing, I was faced with an enormous physical pain and emotional barriers which has prevented the normal function of my body flows. What has Stan done for me, with only 6 sessions, is something that I would never believed if I haven't experienced on my own skin. The scepticism which was present before letting myself to try his method, was instantly melted down - after the first therapy I've felt strange and incredible at the same time, because of the unknown, warm and intense energy flow, that I've felt inside my body. With his gentle touch he took away my pain, which after each new secession was loosing its intensity. On the other hand, he has showed me a new ''Gate'' or maybe an access point closer to my emotional being, those deep barriers that each one of us holds, and we rarely face with them. In all, my physical condition was amazingly improved in such a short period of time, including the frequency of the emotional flows deep inside of me, which as a domino effect lead towards higher and more intense feeling of improvements. I'm endlessly thankful to Stan, when I've lost faith in finding a solution for my phisical pain, I had an enormous luck to be one of his patients, and to try his holistic method of healing, which believe it or not can heal everything! I do whole heartedly recommend Stan for everyone, not just to people which are experiencing physical obstacles, but also to those who are faced with a simple or deeper emotional barriers. Sometimes we need 'so little' to make ''so much''. Stan can guide you and help you to make that GIANT STEP AHEAD!!


(Katja had an intensive series of 6 sessions in 7 days because of a pain that originated somewhere in the inner corner of the left eye. Her face looked strangely skewed with the left eye about half a centimetre above 'the horizontal line'.)

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